About Us

My name is Lia and I live in CT with my husband, Tom, 10 year old daughter Molly, 6 year old son Charlie, and lots of pets!  I grew up in CT, went to undergrad at the University of Maryland, grad school at Ohio State, and then made my way back home.  I have been a Speech and Language Pathologist for over 15 years.  I’ve always loved working with kids and my passion for play grew when I had Molly, and even more so with Charlie.  Charlie was born with Down syndrome and, although he learns differently than Molly, both have always enjoyed playing with my “therapy” activities at home, just as much as my patients have.  I’m hoping other kids will too!  When I’m not doing mom-things, I am most likely watching sports, researching something online or shopping 😊
Hi! I’m Paige, and I also live in Connecticut with my boyfriend, Joe, our 2 dogs Juneau and Ranger and our cat Tink. My life has always revolved around children due to my mom owning a daycare center during my whole childhood, and I knew from a young age that my career path would involve children and their development. After being the head teacher of a daycare classroom for 2 years, I transitioned to nannying where I had the opportunity to be with two amazing families from the time their kids were infants until they went off to kindergarten, Lia’s being one of them! I am basically just a big kid, and creating engaging activities is usually just as much fun for me as it is for them! I figured nothing could be better than getting to do that on a larger scale, being able to bring fun, meaningful play into your homes!